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About East West Institute

The East West Institute (EWI), formerly known as East West Cultural Institute, is a Pennsylvania-registered for-profit USA company that offers career training services for a wide variety of subjects, such as languages, IT, culture-related training and services, as well as international educational exchange programs.

East West Institute (EWI) is uniquely situated on the Eastern coast of the United States of America (USA) between New York City and Washington, D.C. on the outskirts of Philadelphia. EWI’s quiet suburban location provides convenient access to public transportation; commercial housing; historical sites; and good school districts, as well as distinguished regional colleges and universities. In addition, the suburban location allows easy access to shopping and entertainment.


EWI features a staff of professional, administrative, and educational employees. EWI is firmly committed to developing the academic, mental, and physical well-being of all students in its care while at the same time focusing on fostering excellent relations between China and the USA.

Classes and Services

EWI provides translation & interpretation, tutoring, language & culture-related training, Study Abroad, and IT services. We focus primarily on students (children and adults) who are interested in both academic and fitness achievement. We offer services in Foreign Languages Training (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, English, Russian, Germany, French, etc.), Computer Training, Teacher Training, Martial Arts & Recreation activities, ESL, English, and American Culture training. We also provide IT and Access Control related services.

Tutoring and training services are also available to students and teachers from overseas and those who just immigrated to America from another country. Tutoring sessions focus on helping students grasp the concepts they will need to know to perform well in their class, as well as developing the skill sets which targeted their career goals and job placement in the future.

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       Dr. Jiang Bo - Secretary General of CEAIE (left)
Prof. Matt Zhang - President of East West Institute (right)
China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE)

Mission Statement

East West Institute (EWI) is dedicated to providing a quality education in workforce   and professional development, as well as health and wellness fitness training that prepares and creates critically thinking, socially capable, spiritually sensitive, and culturally aware teens and adults who can use English, Chinese, and technology as tools for success in the 21st Century.

EWI exists to help students with their career development and job placement. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master through personalized and focused teaching processes. EWI’s rich and highly motivated learning environment supports our students’ development and provides the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study and career path, physically and mentally. We understand our success depends on personalized attention to the needs of our clients (students) in truly helping them achieve greatness, and thrive in a learning environment - we don't succeed unless our clients succeed. 

To fully meet our mission, EWI participates in on-going self-assessment and review in order to enhance and improve instructional programs and services to students and clients we serve. We provide a learning environment in which students may transform themselves intellectually, personally, and socially. Through relationships with faculty and staff dedicated to teaching, research, new technology, and physical wellness, every student may prepare for a lifetime of learning and for personal and professional success.
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Grandmaster Bai Wenxian (left) & Master Matt Zhang (right)
Great Dragon Tai Chi-Kung Academy 
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